Friday, February 1, 2013

My Favorites and Least For January

Hello my Chic Friends, It is the beginning of February and I decided to do a post talking about the beauty products/ clothes/ accessories that I used a lot during the past month. In other words, my favorites and also what my least favorite if any during that month. So, lets begin!

Victoria's Secret Pajama | Michael Kors Bag

Studio 35 Beauty Cotton Squares | Neutrogena Foaming Face Scrub

Wet n Wild Wild Shine in 405 | Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie (010)
Maybelline Vivids in Electric Orange (880)

Yesto Cucumbers makeup remover facial towelette | BigSexyHair Hair Spray

-I had never try any VS's Pajamas and the reason is simple; Expensive! Now don't get me wrong and if you had not reading my blog, let me tell you I am a sucker for sales and clearances! or if I have a coupon I am there honey! So, one night with my coupon in my hand I went online to Victoria Secret's Website to check what did they have to offered me. I saw this pajama on sale for: $29.00 US and even thought I found it was on the pricier side I bought it! Well, I felt in love with it! Every time I wear it I feel so girly and chic! and the softness that the cotton has it is amazing!  This one is a keeper for the winter time.
-My Husband bought me this Michael Kors bag for Christmas! (Yes, he picked it up and gave it to me) what a taste does he has! =) and I have not stop wearing it since then, well just a few times only to give it a little rest! But it is so beautiful that I don't mind staring at it!
-These Cotton Squares are amazing to take the makeup off from your eyes! It's big and it takes most of your eyes. Also, I feel it works better than the round ones that I bought at Walmart when I want to apply the toner in my entire face! So, I recommend this product 100%. Oh.. I bought this at Walgreens
-Neutrogena Foaming Scrub is a most when you want to clean your face. It gives you a freshness at the end that I just love! and who doesn't? You feel that all your pores are open so you can apply your night cream or day cream!
-At first, I was not sure if this nail polish was good enough for me (I wash my hands a lot) and if it was going to give me the same color that it shows. The reason, it only cost me $.99 CENT! Yes, you saw that hahaha less than a dollar! Well, my Chic Friends it did! and it stays on my nails for a long period! I think I post a picture on my Instragram showing you the color! After that I have been buying all the colors that I can find!
-These two lipstick, well lip butter and lipstick are gorgeous! I also recommend this 100% they pop the way I like it! and stay a long period of time and yes, you look beautiful when you wear them!

-Now these two products are my least favorite or should I say WTF! Oh my God! This facial Towelette smells horrible, and before I had bought products that contents the same ingredients that this one does and they never smells so nasty! The reason I bought this was because I heard so much good things about it on some of my favorites beauty gurus channels that I went straight to the store and purchased! Bad choice.
-The other one was the same but the only difference was that I did not purchased it! I became a member of the ipsy beauty bag! What is ipsy? it is like a Birchbox or Shoedazzle (the last one is for shoes), you become a member and the first day of every month they take $10.00 US from your account and in the middle of the month you get a little bag with 5 beauty samples and not so samples too! I love it and also recommend it. I was very happy when I saw the hair spray in the bag and when I used it, my hair started getting a lot of white flakes! I hate it. That is a no no for me!

So, this is my Favorites and least favorites during the month of January. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this or maybe just maybe I can start a YouTube Channel talking about it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and always be Chic!