Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life Update.

Hello my Chic Friends, this post is to let you all know that I will be absent from DiaryChic for a couple of days or should I say a week? The reason is that I will have surgery on my right arm, so it will be impossible for me to right and even to get dress every day! (Sounds like a lot of pajama time for me!) Nevertheless, you can follow me at my Instagram #jenetteValera or my Facebook Jenette Valera. I will be posting and taking pictures during the week. ;)

Thank you,  kisses.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Best and Worst of the Grammys Awards 2013.

Hello my Chic Friends. Last night I was waiting for my red carpet hour when I realized that it was not on the TV. I meant, I put my cable on guide to make sure at what time the red carpet followed by the awards was going to be aired. Well, it was not or at least at my cable!. To make the story short I grabbed my pen and paper and sat on the TV watching some music videos until the time for the Grammys came. Without further do, lets begin my list.

My favorites of the night


Katy Perry

Taylor Swift

Rocsi Diaz

Carrie Underwood

My least favorite of the night

Ashanti (Good Lord, this was my worst!)

Florence Welch

Jennifer Lopez (I was expecting so much from her)

Kelly Rowland

Kimbra Lee Johnson

Which one was your favorite and least favorite of the night? In my opinion there were more least favorites but I did want it to narrow it down, just because I love to see the celebrities looking glamorous and gorgeous  and when you have million of choices send it to you, I can imagine how confused and crazy can someone get and often choose a not so nice outfit! Hope you are having a wonderful week, as for me I am very happy to see more people reading my blog! Thank you.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

All I see is white.

Hello my Chic Friends. Sorry for the lack of posts but as some of you might know there was a blizzard where I live, New England to be exact. It was so bad that we got not power until late night on Saturday. I did took some photos before the blizzard hit us! Hope you like it!. Stay warm and be happy.

Pica bu! Hahahaha

We got probably 24 inches of snow. But I am very happy that we have the electricity back, the news said that in some places the power will be back during this week. Can you imagine, no heat in this cold weather? It is horrible! You never know how much you miss something until you don't have it.

Dress: Dots
Coat: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Shirt: Forever 21
Boots: Bass
Hat: Gift

Thursday, February 7, 2013

San Valentine's Nail Art

Hello my Chic Friends. Here are a few pictures for you (and for myself) to give you an idea on what to do with your nails on that especial day! (Who knows if you are going to get a marriage proposal?) in any case, you can turn around those little hearts and make it less "romantic" by changing it to bows or crosses! Well, you choose. Shall we see...

What are your plans for this day? Are you going out, stay home, going to the club, dinner?

Celebrity Style; Dita Von Teese.

Hello my Chic Friends. I am feeling much better today, therefore I begin searching for my Celebrity style girl!. Dita Von Teese, is a burlesque who has been in the fashion eye because of her retro look, femininity, elegance and sexiness. She was married to Artist and Rocker Marilyn Manson and was the face of french liquor, Cointreau. With a clothing line, a couple of books under her sleeves, and being fateful to what you believe in and love, I present to you Dita Von Teese.

Hope you all are having a Wonderful week as for myself, I am waiting for a Blizzard tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When in Doubt, Wear Black.

Hello my Chic Friends. I have not been feeling well these two days, but I gathered all my strength and pulled off  this outfit. Like I said in my column, If you are in doubt or do not feel very good physically just wear black! Its quick and you always look good in it. I took my husband's red tie to give it just a little bloody look that for me it's saying "stay away". Hahahaha That's how I really get when my body and mind is up to no good. Some Rammstein music and done!. But let me not talk to much and show you my look. Shall we see.....

Hope you day is not as bad as mine! Kisses.

Hat: Bakers
Top & Jacket: Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Graceland
Tie: Husband
Lipstick: Avon in Rich Ruby (T401) 

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's all about the Jacket!

Hello my Chic Friends, It's a cold day today. Therefore, I pull out one of my almost chunky sweater just to feel a little bit warm. I have planned this outfit in my head for weeks (Yes, I am that type of girl) and today was the perfect day to wear it. Everything simple with a pop of sequin, just like the latest post but instead of having it on the shorts, I chose a blazer. Shall we see my winter Outfit!

 It has been really cold up in here in Rhode Island and I just keep thinking of spring time and of course summer!. Now let me tell you that I DO love winter season but when the weather its so cruel, I start thinking of water parks, and so. Just the thought of it, makes me wanna take a flight to a Caribbean Island and stay all day at the beach! Yes, I wish. Hope you start the week with the right foot!.

Sweater: Sister Gift
Blazer: Forever 21
Trouser: H&M
Shoes: Bakers
Clutch: Aldo
Necklace: Forever 21 
Lipstick: MAC in Nikki 2