Monday, February 11, 2013

Best and Worst of the Grammys Awards 2013.

Hello my Chic Friends. Last night I was waiting for my red carpet hour when I realized that it was not on the TV. I meant, I put my cable on guide to make sure at what time the red carpet followed by the awards was going to be aired. Well, it was not or at least at my cable!. To make the story short I grabbed my pen and paper and sat on the TV watching some music videos until the time for the Grammys came. Without further do, lets begin my list.

My favorites of the night


Katy Perry

Taylor Swift

Rocsi Diaz

Carrie Underwood

My least favorite of the night

Ashanti (Good Lord, this was my worst!)

Florence Welch

Jennifer Lopez (I was expecting so much from her)

Kelly Rowland

Kimbra Lee Johnson

Which one was your favorite and least favorite of the night? In my opinion there were more least favorites but I did want it to narrow it down, just because I love to see the celebrities looking glamorous and gorgeous  and when you have million of choices send it to you, I can imagine how confused and crazy can someone get and often choose a not so nice outfit! Hope you are having a wonderful week, as for me I am very happy to see more people reading my blog! Thank you.