Friday, November 30, 2012

Running Errands

Today was very busy day for me as I had to do a million things one after the other. So, I opted for a comfortable look! Simple and cute. Who says you cannot wear white during winter time?

If you can see my pants are getting big! And that's a good thing because it means I'm losing the baby weight. On the other hand, my clothes (especially my pants/jeans) are new and I do not want to throw all of them on a corner and not wear them again!.... I might take them to the Taylor and see what can he do about it! :)
Have a safe weekend everybody.

Blouse: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Graceland
Bag: Style&Co.
Earring & Ring: Forever 21
Bracelet: Gift

Shoe of the Week!

Now its time for shoe of the week! Today is Jimmy Choo day with this beautiful lace shoes!

Is it gorgeous for a nice dinner out with your significant other or with friends?

Girl-Candy of the Week!

Hello everybody, today like every Friday I present to you the Hangover hunk Bradley Cooper as the Girl Candy!

 a cutie pie for my eyes! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dresses Under US $50.00

Hello everybody. Sorry for not posting yesterday but my baby still sick and its been very difficult for myself to be going into the blog! Thankfully there is no more fever, but the cough and running nose still at its best! If someone knows a remedy for my baby I really will appreciated!

Now back to business! The end of sweet November is here and that means searching for holidays dresses (Well, if you are like me who loves to wear dresses during Christmas eve and New Years!) and with the economy just about to kill us all, why not doing trying to look marvelous while on a budget! we all need it after spending on Christmas Gifts for the kids and the family! Here are 10 beautiful dresses under $50.00 dollars!

1.- Forever21 $22.80
2.- H&M $14.95
3.- Lulu's $35.00
4.- Forever21 $32.80
5.- Zara $49.99
6.- H&M $14.95
7.- Lulu's $46.50
8.- H&M $34.95
9.- Lulu's $45.00
10-Zara $49.99

Hope this being a great help for you because I know how difficult is when you are on a budget and want to look amazing while saying some money! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Vogue Documentary is coming soon!!.....

Yes, it is true and its all about past and recent editors from our favorite magazine... Vogue. Here are the editors posing for a photo shot and they look marvelous at any age!

 Based on the book In Vogue: The Editor's Eye, the documentary was born.So, lets put some mascara, red lipstick, wear our favorite outfit with a high heel shoe and tune in on December 6 for some girl time! Did I mention it was going to be air on HBO? ;)

Tuesday Trend!

Hello everybody, Today and every Tuesday I will post trends that are in the fashion industry at the moment or what I think should be. The first round its going to be the color Green. This color has been all over the magazines and as for myself is a beautiful color that can represent the grass, trees and more. Lets take a look at what I have compile.
 You can find this color in any piece of clothing, shoes or accessories you can think of, make a statement with it or better yet make your own personal style using green!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Say What! Givenchy for H&M??

Hello everybody! News are around the internet that next year Givenchy will do a collab with H&M?
By far this is just a rumor, but let me tell you that I know for sure I am not the only one with a smiley face right now!
Lets just cross our fingers and wait impatiently for the final result! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sundays Cravings

Now its time for some Sundays Cravings! This list will be some items that I want for this winter!
A nice dress for this up coming holiday, a winter boots so my feet can be nice and warm, a cape sweater that I have been craving for a couple of weeks, Loafer pumps for a night out and a black handbag! just for fun! What about you, What's your craving??

Late for Friday! No way.....

Hello Everybody. Sorry for my lack of posts but as many of you know it was Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend and this year my sister and I decided to visit my brother and his family in NYC. I was away from a computer and it was worth it until we got sick! By this I meant my two boys, my husband and I. It was not what I was expect it but I can not ask for more, right? Well, thankfully we are getting a little bit better and hopefully by the end of the week we feel good again! Now Back to Business, As a lot of you know on Friday I post Shoe of the Week and Girl -Candy or Hunk of the Week!

The shoes are from Aldo and I think they are adorable with some leggings and a mini skirt! and the Girl-Candy is Mr. Thor Chris Hemsworth! Tell me if this two together do not make the perfect match for a night out? What do you think?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Nail Art

Here are some good ideas for Nail Art for this holiday.

What's your Nail Style?

New In my Closet!

Hello everybody. Yesterday night I received a box from Forever 21! And these are the items that I got.

I can wait to start doing some outfits with these beautiful pieces! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What that H??

Oscar winner Charlize Theron has been spotted around LA with this new hair do! Why??? She is filming the new movie Mad Max: Fury Road! A action thriller that will be release sometime in 2014. 

Hopefully her hair goes back to the way it was, because even though she does not look that bad, I think her image was better! Or at least her hair. What do you think about this transition, would you like her black and bold or blonde and fierce?

A little Leopard? Yes, please!

Hello everybody, I went to do some errands and I felt like wearing something comfortable but at the same time fashionable! So, I opt for this outfit! The good thing about it is that is my favorite leopard maxi dress that have been in my closet for months and months and did not know how to wear it differently! I put on a chambray shirt, took a wide black belt and this is my final result! Hope I give you am idea on how to wear a a piece of clothing that is been hanging in your closet and have no idea how to use it again!

By the way, say hello to my little baby Jullien. He is just 5 months old and he is the one keeping me up during the night :)

Shirt: Forever 21
Dress: Arden B
Belt: JC Penney
Clutch: Aldo
Accesories: Domaine and gift (necklace)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Last minute shopping for a thanksgiving outfit and do not know what to buy or have pieces but do not how to pull it together? No problema! here are three ideas that you can wear during this holiday by buying it or better yet checking your closet and look for similar/same items!

It goes from Party Perfect to Casual Fashionista! Have fun!! :)

Greetings; Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. Now lets talk Fashion! American Music Award was on air last night and if you were not watching the show I imagined you were watching The Walking Dead, just like me. But as soon as the series ended I run into the computer and started looking at the red carpet to see how the celebrities were dress up! And boy I was surprised! Why? lets see... my first impression! I really was a happy girl when I saw how Nicki and Pink were all beautiful dress up and not in what we are use to see them. Take a look!
Now, The Good List: or should I say the ladies that I like how the present themselves!
And last and the least I like: The Bad List goes to.
With all that money they have, why these beautiful ladies do not get a stylist?? What do you think? Who was your best and worst dress for that special night?? :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello Everybody. Hope you are having a nice and beautiful Sunday. Today I decided to stay at home with my husband and children. Well, Now that my little one is sleeping and hubby and the big guy are watching the movie Brave, I sneak into the laptop to do my Sunday List. Is a list that I will post on Sundays with the things I want right now! Lets see......

The first on my list is: Lock it Tattoo Foundation from Kat Von D. The Second is: Smashbox Photo Finish Face Primer. Third: Maybelline Color Tattoo (in almost ever color, I already have 2 and I love it). Four: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and last but not least: Revlon Lipstick in red (of course, its the holidays and we want to look marvelous!) :) How about you, What's your beauty/Fashion Sunday List??

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Final Chapter of the Twilight Movie hit the theaters Yesterday and because I am a fan of the Franchise (Yes, I know how old I am, but I still like it! hahaha) I was a little surprise how Kristen Stewart was dressing up on the red carpet in all over the world! Yes, she started with a almost naked gown by Zuhair Murad! Then was descending by a much more her style! Well at the third or fourth dress! So, lets see how she looked during that magical week!

At least she ended up looking beautiful in that Gold Gown by Designer Elie Saab! and some Louboutins! :)
Which one is your favorite?? I know my is the last one!
- De luto: No a la Reforma Fiscal en Republica Dominicana.

Today was a day to unite and protest for a better future and less corruption in New York City and others countries. The reason, La Reforma Fiscal in Dominican Republic. I wish I could be there but the circumstances did not allowed me to go, so I opted to wear black! To make a statement saying that I am mourning the way the government its working. So much crime, so many people dead and now getting taxes... there are people who does not even have money to eat! But when everything seems to be lost, that's when people unites and let their voices be heard! :) 
I'll end by saying this quote from Gandhi: "Cuando la ley es injusta, Lo correcto es desobedecer".

Sweater: Forever 21
T-Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Nine West
Necklace: Domaine
Watch: Bulova