Monday, January 28, 2013

Be Classy; Go Neutrals

Hello my Chic Friends, Today I felt Like the weather, cloudy and cold. That is the reason why I went for a more classy look! Or should I say; Neutral look? Lol I am so happy because this trousers is from way back... and I mean, back when I did not have my second child! Can a girl be more happier than that? I don't think so, Well if you give me a entire night without waking up to prepared milk, I think yes!. Shall we see....

Oh... be careful with my dance moves! Hahaha

Hope your week started on the right foot! Stay Chic My Friends!

Top: Forever 21
Trouser: Charlotte Russe
Wedges: Bakers
Clutch: American Eagle
Earrings: Gift