Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting Better..

Hello My Chic Friends, This week I begin to feel better, thank God! It was very difficult for myself not to do anything because I am right handed. My husband did all the job and I feel so blessed to have him by my side =)
As everybody knows Black & White is taking the fashion industry by storm. In most of the Fashion Shows these two color were a mayor if not the focus of the runaway. So, prepared yourself because it is not going anywhere right now, From Spring/Summer through Fall 2013!. I paired my Polka Dots pants with a white shirt and to give the outfit something interesting besides my arm splint I wore my high as the skies Jessica Simpson's pump which has some colors in it!. Hope you enjoy and are as beautiful as always!

Hahahaha doing some posing right here!

Pants: Charlotte Russe
Shirt: Forever 21
Pump: Jessica Simpson
Watch: Bulova
Earrings: Gift & Hot Topic