Sunday, July 21, 2013

Celebrity Style; Jessica Biel

Hello My Chic Friends. Jessica's not only has one of the most amazing bodies in Hollywood right now, but she is Mrs. Timberlake! One of the hottest papasitos in the music industry. Like many of you, if you are my age of course, watched her on the TV Series 7th Heaven. Who did not love her blonde locks and sporty style? I know I did!. But her recent look (brunette and bangs) has make me wonder, what hair color/style she cannot rocked?
After 7th Heaven was done she began acting, movie acting. She began in the film Ulee's Gold but when I officially started watching her again was in the movies Summer Catch and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Jessica's Style is casual and down to earth but when she needs to play dress up, she always nailed it! Let's see some of her looks.

With her Hottie Husband, Justin Timberlake.

Which look was your favorite? -Not including the hubby! Hahaha.