Sunday, November 25, 2012

Late for Friday! No way.....

Hello Everybody. Sorry for my lack of posts but as many of you know it was Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend and this year my sister and I decided to visit my brother and his family in NYC. I was away from a computer and it was worth it until we got sick! By this I meant my two boys, my husband and I. It was not what I was expect it but I can not ask for more, right? Well, thankfully we are getting a little bit better and hopefully by the end of the week we feel good again! Now Back to Business, As a lot of you know on Friday I post Shoe of the Week and Girl -Candy or Hunk of the Week!

The shoes are from Aldo and I think they are adorable with some leggings and a mini skirt! and the Girl-Candy is Mr. Thor Chris Hemsworth! Tell me if this two together do not make the perfect match for a night out? What do you think?