Monday, November 19, 2012

Greetings; Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. Now lets talk Fashion! American Music Award was on air last night and if you were not watching the show I imagined you were watching The Walking Dead, just like me. But as soon as the series ended I run into the computer and started looking at the red carpet to see how the celebrities were dress up! And boy I was surprised! Why? lets see... my first impression! I really was a happy girl when I saw how Nicki and Pink were all beautiful dress up and not in what we are use to see them. Take a look!
Now, The Good List: or should I say the ladies that I like how the present themselves!
And last and the least I like: The Bad List goes to.
With all that money they have, why these beautiful ladies do not get a stylist?? What do you think? Who was your best and worst dress for that special night?? :)