Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dresses Under US $50.00

Hello everybody. Sorry for not posting yesterday but my baby still sick and its been very difficult for myself to be going into the blog! Thankfully there is no more fever, but the cough and running nose still at its best! If someone knows a remedy for my baby I really will appreciated!

Now back to business! The end of sweet November is here and that means searching for holidays dresses (Well, if you are like me who loves to wear dresses during Christmas eve and New Years!) and with the economy just about to kill us all, why not doing trying to look marvelous while on a budget! we all need it after spending on Christmas Gifts for the kids and the family! Here are 10 beautiful dresses under $50.00 dollars!

1.- Forever21 $22.80
2.- H&M $14.95
3.- Lulu's $35.00
4.- Forever21 $32.80
5.- Zara $49.99
6.- H&M $14.95
7.- Lulu's $46.50
8.- H&M $34.95
9.- Lulu's $45.00
10-Zara $49.99

Hope this being a great help for you because I know how difficult is when you are on a budget and want to look amazing while saying some money! :)