Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cold Days

Today I woke up with this blanket on the street. Just beautiful but lets be real here, it is Fucking cold! There I said it!. It does not matter how many layers you want to wear, it is impossible to be out and be warm at the same time. 

Lately and I don't know if is because Valentine's day is near but I have been listening to Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. What music do you like to listen when you are in a sexy/love state?

* * * * *

Spanish: Hoy me levanté con una capa blanca en la calle. Hermoso pero vamos hacer honestos, está haciendo un puto frío! Ya, lo dije!. No importa cuanta ropa te pongas arriba, es imposible de estar afuera y estar caliente al mismo tiempo.

No se si sea porque estamos cerca del día de San Valentin pero últimamente he estado escuchando Wicked Game de Chris Isaak. Qué tipo de música te gusta escuchar cuando te sientes en un estado sexy/enamorada (o)?

What I am Wearing:

Vest: Forever 21 | Turtleneck: Zara | Pants: American Eagle (Similar)
Boots & Clutch: Aldo